Release 4.6.0, 18th September 2018

This release included a server software upgrade and improvements to the way the system deals with setting a new password as we're continuing to hear reports of difficulties with the new password security checks introduced in June this year.

Password reset improvements to address users' issues

The password reset screen has been improved, we've added some prominent tips on how to reset your password (the info button and pop-up introduced in August was a little obscure) and a video showing how password reset works and a link to the relevant page in the knowledge-base.

We've also increased the length of time users are given to reset a password after beginning the password reset process, which was originally 20 minutes. This is now much longer to accommodate the extra time it takes to set a more secure password of 12 or more characters long.

We're also now clearer about some of the reports received, which are specific to certain organisation's firewall settings and other controls set at the users' end. We now know how to diagnose these more rapidly and have a system in place to provide support to organisations to make the changes necessary.

"View this profile" button bug

Finally, a minor bug has been fixed – it is obscure and will hopefully be fixed before anyone might encounter it. The "view this profile" button which appears if a service user has a duplicate profile in another service as a result of the organisation upgrading to a new edition of the Star "broke" if clicked five or more times in sequence, i.e. going back and forth between profiles. As the transfer tool was only made available on 12th September and then only for the Work Star we expect it's too soon for anyone to have come across this but if you have, you'll be happy to hear this will be fixed with the coming release.

Always contact your Star lead or, if you are the Star lead, the helpdesk if you encounter something you believe to be a bug.

 Updated by Paul Martin on 19th September 2018