Release 4.7.0, 31st October 2018

Additional data in the "Service user and Star data" raw data download

A new column presenting the service user's lead worker has been added to the 'Service user and Star data' download.

We've also added "in progress" Star readings which previously weren't available on any of the raw data downloads. Along with this we've added Stars in progress to the spreadsheet and a new column for each Star reading indicating if the reading is "complete" or "in progress".

The "Star data" download remains unchanged and includes only "completed" Star readings. 

The Star Online lead set-up guide

We've added a link to the Star lead set-up guide to the lead's main menu for quick access. We did this after hearing from the helpdesk team that some leads for new Star Online accounts don't realise this step-by-step guide to setting up an account exists.

Help with changing your password

We've increased the width of the 'having trouble?' video embedded on the change password page so it's easier to view.

password reset video - increased width

We've also addressed an issue with the interface that checks the strength of the password criteria not displaying for some users.

Improved login for users with two accounts

We've improved how the login page deals with users with two accounts switching between their accounts. 

Last updated by Paul Martin 29th November 2018