Release 4.4.0, 25th July 2018

Help with password reset

We listened to feedback that the latest password setting system can be tricky to use and introduced a new 'info' button on the password reset screens that gives tips.

The new system already feeds back on-screen tips for the user as they type in their new password, but we appreciate it's not always obvious to understand why a password isn't strong enough.

We hope that this new help text makes things clearer. See it action below.

The new system doesn't require users to include a specified combination of upper and lower case characters, punctuation, numbers etc, as this approach can allow users to choose passwords which are still easily guessed, like "Password1". Following the latest security advice, our system now assesses the security of new passwords by simulating a hacking technique of combining different words and commonly used passwords to estimate how long it would take a hacker to guess the password. Passwords must be rated "very strong" to be accepted.

Worker/manager view and edit screen upgrades

With this release we changed the layouts of the view and edit worker/manager profile screens mainly to improve the way service permissions are presented.

The profile screen shows the services to which the person has permission in a table showing the permission level. The new table also shows the Star used at each service. 

Viewing a colleague's profile:

Manager profile

Adding a new worker:

Last updated by Paul Martin 19th September 2018