Release 4.3.0, 27th June 2018

New password criteria

This release included a change to the Star Online's password requirements to further secure service users' and customers' personal data and the system we use to check passwords are sufficiently strong.

This is being implemented in three stages to give active users a chance to make the change and will affect most users of the Star Online.

Stage 1 - from Wednesday 27th June - complete

Users whose passwords don't meet the new criteria will be asked to change their passwords when they next log in but this isn't required at this stage. They can still use their old password to log in, they just need to use the 'skip this' button (shown below).

Any new passwords set after 27th June will need to meet the new criteria.

password change prompt

Stage 2 - from 17th July - active

Users whose passwords don't meet the new criteria will be forced to change their password in order to log in and use the site. 

On 25th July, we added help text to give users some tips on setting passwords that will pass the new, more stringent checks.


Stage 3 - 11th September

Finally, on 11th September, any remaining passwords will be automatically randomised so those users affected will need to reset their password in order to log in.

The new criteria 

Passwords will need to be longer than currently - 12 characters - and will be checked to ensure they aren't commonly used or guessable passwords.

A new interface will check both things and feed back to the user as they type. If you or a colleague is having trouble, we recommend carefully reading the messages that are displayed as these were carefully worded to help.

Here it is in action:


 Last updated by Jo Johnson 25th July 2018