Release 4.2.0 30th May 2018

This set of upgrades included some helpful new material and guidance to support organisations to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We also updated our customer privacy and security statement and we recommend everyone who uses the Star Online system reads this carefully as it outlines our mutual responsibilities to protect service users' privacy, and their rights in relation to their data, which are far clearer under the GDPR.

Service users have a right to access their data

Privacy & consent panel on service user profileUnder the General Data Protection Regulation, everyone is legally entitled to access, obtain and reuse their personal data for their own purposes across different services, if they wish.

To support you to respond to requests from your clients, we provided easy access to data stored on the Star Online about each individual service user in a common, portable format. 

Gaining consent to collect and store service user data

Most organisations are required to gain the consent of the clients they work with to collect and store their data on the Star Online. 

If your organisation has consent forms and procedures in place, great. If not, we are providing consent forms to support you to manage consent easily. These are available on the main dashboard for all users and on each service user profile.

Dashboard consent forms

Importantly, legal responsibility for gaining consent from your clients is with you and your organisation, not with Triangle and the Star Online. This is because we don't have a direct relationship with your clients, and their details are anonymised on the Star Online.

For that reason, we can't support you with logging consent, i.e. when it was sought and attained etc. Organisations will need their own systems for this. The ICO provides helpful information on consent.

In some instances consent is not required, for instance, if your work is considered to preserve the person's 'vital interests' in legal terms. Check with your manager if you are unsure or visit the ICO website to find out more.

Read our updated customer privacy and security statement for more on our mutual responsibilities in relation to the GDPR.

Improvements to the service user profile 

We've tidied up the main panel, grouping information more helpfully and adding in the Star used with the service user. And we've introduced a new 'recent activity' panel to each service users' profile so that you can quickly see when their last Star reading and action plan was completed.

C:UsersRuthDownloadsService user profile in view mode.png 

We've also improved the edit screen which is also shown when selecting a service user to complete a Star for them.

Edit SU screen for coming soon 2

We've also updated the information provided when you click on the information icon next to the checkbox "confirm this unique ID is anonymous".

Security upgrades

Three more security upgrades went live with this release as part of our continuous programme of security improvements. None of these changes are visible to users or negatively affect their experience of the site.