Release 4.1.0 2nd May 2018

Changes to service user joined and left dates

As promised, we've introduced changes to the service user profile’s ‘joined service’ and ‘left service’ date fields to help users avoid saving easily made mistakes. It is no longer be possible to enter a future date in the ‘joined service’ or ‘left service’ fields.

The system also now checks that ‘joined service’ dates are earlier than ‘left service’ dates to make sure no errors creep in. Both fields can be left blank.

This means that users need to correct any existing future or mismatching joined and left dates when editing service user profiles or when reviewing service user details when adding Star readings or action plans.

While these fields can be left blank, we recommend you enter joined and left service dates for all service users to improve your experience of the Star Online, e.g. easily finding active service users, and to get much more useful service and organisation-wide reports.

Implementation support

The recently published set of free implementation tools designed to support services using the Outcomes Star are now available from the dashboard in a new area entitled ‘implementation support'. This panel is presented for all users and is also in the Licensed Trainer library.

Improvements to the service page

We’ve made minor improvements to the process of viewing and saving changes to services, smartened up the layout and fixed broken links to the list of active and left service users in the service.

Service page May 2018

Improvements to listing pages

Listing pages, like ‘view colleagues’ and ‘view service users’, were a little inconsistent in their layout, so we’ve consolidated this and introduced new buttons to allow you to quickly download the list as a CSV and add new data. 

We weren’t happy with the way the system showed users that there were no results for their search terms. We’ve improved the message, making more prominent and clear and giving helpful tips on re-running the search. We’ve also corrected a broken link on the 'my clients' and 'all clients in my services' lists.

New 'last logged in' filter added to the colleagues list

We've added a new filter to the 'view colleagues' list to enable managers and Star leads to keep track of their colleagues' use of the Star via the Star Online and follow-up where support may be needed. The 'last logged in' filter includes options to see who has logged in today, this week, this month, last month or more than a month ago.

Dashboard enhancements

We’ve made some further improvements to the dashboard to make it easier to access the ever growing list of Star materials. A filter has been added to the top of the renamed ‘Star materials’ panel (currently the 'Stars' panel) which allows users to choose to view the PDFs of a particular version of the Star. If you’re using more than one you can use it to access the resources for one Star at a time.

We’ve moved the ‘add another version of the Star’ link to the top right of the same panel and changed this to a button.

Bug fixes

A number of bug fixes were included in this upgrade. Here’s what we’ve done:

  • Sorted out some issues with the way the cookie consent 'learn more' button was working
  • Workers without a caseload weren’t included on the filter dropdown 'who is the client's lead worker?' on the 'my clients' or 'all clients in my services' lists which wasn’t helpful so we’ve included them
  • Corrected a minor issue with the way the system prevents future dates being entered for date of birth on the service user profile.