Release 3.5.0 25th January 2018

Improvements to the Star Online’s error, page not found, offline and planned downtime messages

Coming soon - offline message

We've made them visually consistent with the rest of the site and added information to ensure that when users hit a problem they understand what’s happened and are helped to take their next step.



Knowledge-base index

This was manually updated in the past and as a result wasn’t always up to date or accurate. It’s now automatically generated to ensure it’s up to date.

Changes to avoid users having to clear their cache when we publish an upgrade 

After the last release, some users encountered problems when entering Quick Stars if they hadn’t yet cleared their cache, so with this release we have modified our method of publishing releases so that users will no longer need to refresh their cache to receive upgrades.

Corrections to Star readings with anomalies due to double clicking

With the last release we fixed a bug affecting a small number of users whereby a Star reading was recorded with more selections that scale points. This release includes a process that corrects legacy data affected by this bug.

Service page

The service page was loading very slowly so we’ve improved its performance.

'My clients' list

The ‘Anyone’ option on the 'My clients' list ‘lead worker’ filter wasn’t working properly so we’ve fixed this.

Mobile site

The lead user dashboard on the mobile version of the Star Online showed some options that shouldn’t be available, so we’ve removed them. The purpose of the mobile site is limited and primarily to allow workers to complete Star readings with service users when away from the office. The items we removed are “Add a service” and “Add a worker or manager”.

This doesn’t affect the desktop or tablet version of the site or workers/managers using the mobile site.

Browser security warnings

Some browsers were wrongly identifying the Star Online as insecure when accessing some external pages. Browsers have made some changes to the way they identify websites as having potential security issues and users of the Star Online were seeing these alerts on some pages.

We’ve made a number of changes that should mean users no longer encounter these messages.

Security upgrades

We’ve completed another small set of security upgrades as part of our continuing programme of security enhancements.