Transferring a service to use a new edition of the Star

Transfer tool illustration

What is a new Star edition, and why is it worth upgrading?

Occasionally we publish a new edition of a Star which is an improvement on the previous edition.

Developed based on feedback from practitioners and service users, a new edition of a Star may be clearer to read and use, with better definition between stages on the Journey of Change and better scale descriptions that are more relevant to service users.

If you are considering upgrading from the 2nd to the 3rd edition of the Work Star, this web page contains guidance, factsheets and more to help you get to grips with the subject in more detail – We recommend you read that page before this one.

Sometimes these new editions are not compatible with the previous edition because one or more of the scales are different or the underlying Journey of Change has been modified, the Work Star 3rd edition is one of these more structural new editions.

In these instances, we create a separate instance of the Star on the Star Online and provide Star leads with a transfer tool to enable them to upgrade a service using the old edition Star easily using the transfer tool.

What is the transfer tool?


The transfer tool supports leads to upgrade without lots of data entry. It creates a new edition service based on the original, older service and copies all the active service users to the new service so you can start using the new edition with them immediately. The service users' original profiles will remain at the old service, but will be linked to their new profiles, so that it's easy for workers and service users to refer back to Star readings and action plans entered using the previous edition.

The old service will also be archived, which means all the data there will still be available, but it will no longer be possible to enter new Star readings at the service. This is to ensure that your colleagues cannot enter Star readings using the old version of the Star by accident. 

What to do before you transfer a service

Upgrading to a new edition of a Star is a significant change for staff and service users and transferring a service will make irreversible modifications to your Star Online account.

We recommend you do the following before transferring a service:

  1. Set a date when your service will upgrade to the new edition and stop using the old edition – make sure all staff in the service upgrade on that date to avoid your service using different editions at the same time
  2. Make sure all staff in a service are familiar with the changes in the new edition
  3. Enter all outstanding old edition Star readings – after you transfer the service this will no longer be possible
  4. Spring clean your data – review and update your service users' profile information, including whether or not they've left the service. Only active service users are transferred to the new edition service
  5. Prepare the new resources for the new edition (User Guide, Star Chart etc) and ensure staff know how to access them
  6. Support staff to make the change – perhaps by discussing the changes in team meetings or supervision. Additional training for practitioners is not required
  7. Think about how you approach your Star data from the old and new edition. Because at least one of the scales will be different, care should be taken when thinking about how to use data from the old and new editions together. Star leads will have been sent a factsheet to help with this. Please contact the helpdesk if you don't have this information.

Accessing the transfer tool

The lead user can find out if a transfer is available for one of your services by navigating to the services screen ('View services' from the dashboard). If a transfer is available you will see the message "A new edition of a Star you use is available" in the search and filter panel.

Upgrade available filter

You can filter the list to show only the services with a transfer available by checking the checkbox labelled "Only show services with a transfer available" and clicking "Apply".

Hovering the mouse over (or touching, on a touchscreen device) a green transfer arrow in the results table will bring up a tooltip informing you that a new edition of the Star is available. Click 'find out more' to go to the first page of the transfer tool.

Upgrade tooltip

The lead can also access the transfer tool from the service page:

Service with upgrade

How does the transfer tool work?

The transfer tool will walk you through the process of transferring your service step by step. Make sure you carefully read the text on each page, as once you complete the process the transfer is irreversible.

You can leave the transfer tool at any time by closing your browser tab, and no changes will be made until you give your confirmation on the final page.

Once the process is finished you will be able to start entering Star readings for your service users using the new edition of the Star, and the old data will be archived. Find out more about archived services.

Last updated by Jo Johnson 22nd August 2018