Archived services



An archived service is a service where the active service users have been copied to a new service in order to use a new edition of a Star. For background information, visit: 

When a service is archived all data at that service is retained for your reference, but you can no longer enter Star readings at the service. If you want to modify the service users' data you should do it at the new service. That includes: 

  1. Entering Star readings
  2. Creating action plans for new Star readings
  3. Updating service users' personal details

Whenever you interact with data in an archived service you will presented with a warning panel like this one:

Archived service

This is to remind you and your colleagues that it is probably more appropriate to be using the data in the new service, using the new edition of the Star.

Referring back to service user data from archived services

While working with a service user at a service which has been transferred, you may want to refer back to their previous Star readings. You can easily access their service user record by going to the service user profile page and clicking the link in the 'this service user has another profile' panel:

Another profile

Archived services in listing pages

By default, data in archived services is excluded from listing pages like the 'View and Manage Stars' page, and the 'View Service Users' page. If you want to include archived services in these pages you will need to find the 'include service users in archived services' dropdown in the filter options and select the appropriate value. Also, since all service users in archived services are marked as having left by default, you may also need to change the 'include service users who have left' filter to 'yes'.

client list - archived services filter

If your filter settings are set to include service users in archived services, but to exclude service users who have left, the system will prompt you to update your filters to include service users who have left. 

A video will be added soon to accompany the information on this page.