Release 3.4.0 11th October 2017

Animated “saving” screen added to the two Star entry tools

A new animated “saving” screen has been introduced to prevent users from inadvertently double-clicking on scale points when using the live Star tool or the quick Star data entry tool. Double-clicking can cause anomalies in the way Star readings are recorded.

The animation disappears once the scale point or Star reading has been saved and it’s safe to proceed. This may take a few moments or a little longer depending on your internet connection speed.

saving animation

Knowledge-base button added to the dashboard

A new ‘knowledge-base’ button has been added to the “overview” panel on the dashboard to make it easier to access. It opens in a new browser tab (or window) to enable people to navigate through the knowledge-base pages and read instructions while carrying out a task on the Star Online.

dashboard knowledge base button

"Cookie consent" update

All users will see the new, blue cookie consent bar at the bottom of the Star Online when they first visit the site after this upgrade. Cookies are essential for Star Online functions.

To dismiss it simply press the “I understand” button. The cookie consent bar will not be shown again from this point.

cookie notification

New column added to "service users and Stars" raw data report export

This new column states which tool was used to enter each Star reading, quick Star or live Star. We hope it’ll help Star Online users manage their data entry and unpick common issues such as the live Star tool being used for historic Star readings. Users who import their data to another system using this report may need to update their mapping setting.

Privacy advice step added to action plan raw data download

The Star Online now presents users with the same privacy advice message and confirmation button when downloading action plan raw data as it does when downloading Star notes. It provides best practice tips on storing and transporting this potentially sensitive raw data.


  • Added a link from the "Contact my Star lead" page to the page in the knowledge-base with instructions on how to set up new Star lead in case the old one has left the organisation
  • Change to the wording of column headers on on-screen reports – we’ve replaced replace ‘final’ with ‘last’
  • Resolved some issues with users moving between the application and the knowledge-base – the mini ‘dashboard’ button will be presented wherever the user is in the system if they are logged in
  • Fixed the licensed trainer library Star resources filter, which didn’t work in Safari A small set of security upgrades, part of our continuing programme of security enhancements