Release 3.3.0 19th July 2017

New screen to help you choose the best way to enter each Star reading

We’ve improved the presentation of the two Star reading entry tools to make the choice much clearer for keyworkers and administrators.

With this project, our aim is to ensure everyone is aware that there are two options to enter a Star reading – one designed for swift data entry and the other for use in a live session with a service user.

Previously, there were two buttons on users’ dashboards – “Quick data entry” and “Complete a Star”. Now there’s just one button – “Enter a Star reading” – to access both tools. The new button is prominently positioned at the top of the “tasks” section of the dashboard, replacing the “Complete a Star” button.

Enter a Star reading button

The new button links to a new screen (below) that presents the two options for Star entry more clearly, explaining which tool is best for which situation. From here, managers and workers can click on the most appropriate option for the Star reading(s) they are entering.

star entry method chooser

Both tools will always be available when you choose ‘Enter a Star reading’ so you can pick the best tool for each Star reading.

The same change has been made to the service user profile – just one “Enter a Star reading” button is shown, and this takes the user to the same new screen. Similarly, the main navigation bar previously had separate option for ‘Complete Star’ and ‘Quick Star’, which we’ve replaced with a single “Enter a Star reading” option.

main menu - enter a star reading

Please note that we’re now using the term ‘live Star completion’ to describe the visual Star entry tool on the Star Online. We believe this is clearer but recognise any change can be tricky to get used to.

Alert for demo and training users

Users of the Star Online’s 30-day free demo and the account shared by Star licensed trainers now see a prominent alert confirming that they’re using a shared account and reminding them that they should never enter real people’s information as the data is accessible to other users. 

The message appears once each time a user logs into one of these accounts and the user will be asked to confirm that they understand.

This message has always been part of the process of signing up to the demo and included on the welcome screen seen each time a user logs in, however, we wanted to make it unmissable. 

Easier to follow-up on pending Star deletions

The records panel on the Service User dashboard now includes information about which Star readings and action plans have a deletion request pending, including the role of the person who needs to approve the deletion. Now it’s easier for leads, managers and workers to find out with whom a Star deletion is awaiting authorisation and follow-up with them if they wish.

service user records with pending deletions

Bugs and issue fixes

Preventing users submitting incomplete Stars as final

We’ve addressed an issue that allowed a user to submit a Star as final despite the fact that a scale point was not yet completed. This was possible if a user completed all scales using the live Star completion tool, then went back and removed the scale point chosen for one of the scales.