The Star lead has left the organisation or gone on sick leave without handing over

If the lead is available, it is much simpler for the Star lead to deal with the handover themselves. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Sometimes however this isn't possible, for instance if the lead has left the organisation or gone on sick leave without handing over. Your organisation must have a Star lead, so in this situation you will need to allocate this important role to someone else.

If you are taking on the new lead role or you are managing the handover process:

  1. Download this form
  2. This needs to be completed by the new lead and their line manager, signed, dated and either emailed to the helpdesk or posted to the address on the form
  3. The helpdesk will check the form and if all is well change the Star lead
  4. They will provide the new lead with login details and instructions
  5. The helpdesk will also send the new lead some information on how support works and a few other details that new leads need to know.

We don't have a Star lead and we don't know the helpdesk email address!

If you do not have the helpdesk email address and your lead is on annual leave or sick leave and has not arranged cover, or if they have left the organisation without organising a handover, please contact Triangle and they will pass on your details to the helpdesk and you will be given support with any immediate queries you have and with assigning a new lead.

 Last updated by Ruth Timmins 5 January 2018