Coming soon

server move was completed on 19th July 2019 and the last set of upgrades was published on 24th April 2019.

Upgrades coming soon include:

  • Minor action plan improvements:

    • users can enter their own 'action completed date' – currently this is set automatically on the date the user marks the action as complete
    • the date the action was last edited will be presented separately
    • more information about action plans will be added to raw data downloads
  • Alerts to make it clear when viewing a Star that it is pending deletion so that users can cancel, review and approve these requests in context – and to avoid users inadvertently investing time editing Stars or updating notes or actions for Stars that are likely to be removed from the system

  • Improvements to the Star deletion processing screens so that a lead can easily view the Star in question

  • A few minor changes to the service user profile edit screen to prevent users inadvertently removing critical information

  • A new file download page for leads to enable the team to share one-off data with customers securely

Last updated by Jo Johnson on 20th August 2019