Coming soon

Changes to service user joined and left dates

In the near future, we’ll introduce changes to the service user profile’s ‘joined service’ and ‘left service’ date fields to help you avoid saving easily made mistakes.

What will change? It will no longer be possible to enter a future date in the ‘joined service’ or ‘left service’ fields. And we’ll ensure that ‘joined service’ dates are earlier than ‘left service’ dates. Both fields can be left blank.

Once introduced, any service user records with joined and left dates with this status will be flagged for correction when you edit their profiles or when you review their details when adding Star readings.

You may want to address any issues in advance to avoid these alerts interrupting live Star readings and other activities.

When will it change? This will not happen until mid-late February at the earliest and we’ll update you again once we have a firm date.

We hope this advance notice of the changes is helpful but if you have any questions, please contact your Star lead or if you are the Star lead please contact the Star Online helpdesk.

Updated by Ruth Timmins on 25th January 2018