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The Outcomes Star™ is a tried and tested tool which can be instantly downloaded free of charge. It is also supported by training, guides and an online system which make the job of measuring outcomes do-able rather than an impossible mountain to climb.

Outcomes Star website

Outcomes Star Website

Comprehensive information about how the Outcomes Star works including research, references to government reports and information about validation.
Visit the Outcomes Star website.


Outcomes Star guides

There are now eight published versions of the Star for use with a wide range of client groups, from teenagers to older people, families and individuals, dealing with homelessness, communities, problem-drinking and drug use, mental health and long-term health conditions.

The guides are tailored to the purpose and target client group of the Star and include paper-based tools, such as quizes and ladders, plus guidance for workers and managers.

View the full list of published Outcomes Stars on the Outcomes Star website - requires registration

If you have signed up to the Outcomes Star website, you will find a private link to the page where these documents are available to freely-download in the email we sent you when you registered.

If you are a Star Online user, you can access and download the PDF guides for the Star you use from your dashboard.


History of the Star

The Star was developed by working closely with a number of organisations. Find out more on the Outcomes Star website.

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