Release 2.6.0 10th January 2017

Action plan text now incorporates goals

We have updated the text on the action plan feature to introduce the concept of goals and to make it much more compatible with the published Star Chart and action plan, something users have requested, as well as a couple of other minor text changes. We have updated the relevant page of the knowledge-base.

Upgrade of action planning

“Contact my Star lead”

We have added a new button to the main site menu to allow workers and managers to directly contact their Star lead more easily. As a result, it's even more critical that all Star Online users use real, valid email addresses to log into the Star Online or these emails won't reach their intended recipient and it won't be possible to reply.

Contact your Star lead

More information about this, along with some important notes for Star leads, can be found in the knowledge-base.

“Last login” column added to “Management” raw data download

We have added a new column to the management raw data download to show the date and time each worker and manager last logged in to the Star Online. This enables managers and Star leads to see whether colleagues are using the Star Online alongside existing information, such as how many Stars they have entered and an overview of their caseloads.

Find out more about raw data downloads in the knowledge-base.

Reminder email set up for unactivated accounts

To help ensure people get good value for money for their licence fee, we have set up a regular email reminder to be sent to lead users who have been invited to activate their accounts but who haven’t done so. Leads will now receive a reminder every two months until they log in to their account (or until their account is closed).

Bug fixes

We fixed a bug which was causing the View and Manage Stars page to display incorrectly in Chrome on Linux.

Security upgrades

A planned security upgrade was carried out with this release, part of our continuing tightening of security to safeguard our customers' data.