Release 2.5.0 17th November 2016

Star Notes data download

We’ve introduced a new Star Notes data download to the "export your data" section in reports.

With this, all your data is now available to download from this page. The files are CSVs, which can be opened in Excel, Access and other applications.

Workers' last login date

Details of the date workers and managers last logged into the Star Online are presented on the user profile screen and the "my colleagues" listing.

Last login date

Ten-point Stars with five descriptors

Presentation of Star scales in the "complete a Star" feature has been improved to accommodate 10 points Stars with 5 descriptors. 

View and manage Star readings

Star leads now have access to the useful "view and manage Stars" feature which was previously only available to managers and workers. This enables managers and leads to monitor Star activity. We will provide some guidance on this soon.

View and manage Stars as lead

Leads and managers now invite colleagues to set their own password 

This new approach to setting up workers and manager users and setting passwords is less work for leads and managers, straightforward for workers and more secure. All Star Online users must have a real, active email address for this to work and to reset their passwords if they forget them.

For the latest instructions on adding workers, visit the knowledge-base.

Passwords are set and changed by their owners only

Star leads and managers can no longer change a colleague's password but every Star Online user can reset their own password easily using the "forgotten your password?" link on the login screen.

For more on addressing login issues, visit the knowledge-base.


The captcha feature, which helps prevent hacking attempts, was upgraded to the latest version.

We have improved the speed of downloading large PDFs, like the Life Star Illustrated User Guide.