Latest upgrades - release 4.8.0, 29th November 2018

Upgrades to the quick Star feature

The quick Star feature is designed to be used when entering Stars completed on paper and is simplified to make that process efficient. With these upgrades, we’ve responded to requests to make it clearer when to use options to identify Stars as “retrospective” and “service user only” and how these Stars are treated in Star Online lists and reports to help users avoid common errors and misunderstandings.

Quick Star form

Who completed a Star

We've introduced clearer labelling of the various options for saying who completed a Star and linked to brand new guidance on collaboratively completing Stars

Retrospective Stars

There is an option to mark a Star as retrospective on Star Charts and on the Star Online’s quick Star form. The aim is to provide a means to capture a picture of how a person was at an earlier point in time by completing a Star reading for a date in the past. Standard Stars are always about today – the current moment – whether they are first Stars or follow-up Star readings.

We have heard that some workers have selected "retrospective" to indicate a Star is a follow-up Star reading. We’ve done two things to help address this with this project:

If you have any concerns that you may have been using this option incorrectly in the past, please get in touch with your Star lead, or if you are the Star lead, please get in touch with the helpdesk directly.

Quick Star retrospective with date 

Confirming information has been saved

We've introduced a new screen to confirm your data has been saved after submitting a quick Star. The new screen gives you a few options including common next steps, including "Enter Star notes", "Add a new quick Star" and "View this Star reading".

To enter an action plan, review Star readings, action plans and other details choose 'Go to the service users profile' where you can continue working with the person. 

quick star save confirm

Entering, viewing and editing notes

On the notes screen, we've introduced some brief guidance on using notes well to the notes screen and to the knowledge-base. And a users are now presented with a screen confirming that their work has been saved and giving them buttons to quickly access common next tasks.

notes save confirm

If you want to enter notes for a Star you've submitted in the past, you can do this by accessing the Star or the notes from the service user's profile 'records' section. Once viewing the notes for the Star, which will appear blank, you will see an 'edit' button, allowing you to make changes and save them. This isn't new but might be useful to be aware of at this point if you weren't aware before now.

Display glitch fixed on mobile notifications

We also fixed a bug which was causing notifications to display incorrectly on the mobile site.

 Last updated by Jo Johnson 29th November 2018