Latest upgrades published on 9th October 2019

Action planning improvements

With this set of upgrades we’ve modified the action planning system so that it’s easier to use. Viewing and editing the actions is now more streamlined and improvements have been made to the flow of the pages to allow you to add, review and complete actions more easily and it should be so effortless to use that you won't even notice!

Watch a video about the improvements we’re making to action planning:

In addition, we’ve:

  • Introduced a ‘date completed’ option when adding an action for cases when you’re adding old actions which have already been completed.

  • Added the ability to add a completed date when marking an action as complete or simply select ‘today’ to stamp it with today’s date.

  • Added more useful information when viewing the action plan. It now shows the service the service user is in, when the action plan was created - as this may be different from the date the Star was completed - and when it was last edited.

  • Introduced the date an action was added and when it was last edited to individual actions to help you keep track.

  • Streamlined the way you access action plans so that they’re easily available from various places in the system, including the service user dashboard.

Lastly, we’ve given Star Leads the ability to view action plans for clients in their service where before they couldn’t. They can now access them from the view and manage stars page and the ‘recent activity’ ‘and ‘Star notes and action plans’ area on the service user dashboard.

Warning you that Stars that are pending deletion

Now that users can edit Stars it’s possible that they might waste time editing a Star, notes or action plans that are awaiting deletion by a manager or Star lead. To avoid this happening we’ve introduced prominent warning panels to these pages to show that the Star and any associated notes and action plan are awaiting deletion.

We are also making it easier for users to cancel a deletion request if it’s been marked for deletion by accident.

Viewing a Star which is pending deletion with the new warning panel

Viewing a Star which is pending deletion with the new warning panel

Improvements to screens where users review, approve and cancel deletion requests

Currently when viewing, approving or rejecting deletion requests users can’t easily see the Star, notes and action plans they’re being asked to review. To remedy this we’re adding a table to all of the screens in the Star deletion process with links to see the Star reading, the service user, notes and any action plans.

Deleting a Star 

Deleting a Star - note links to Star, service user and action plan

We have also made some improvements to the presentation of the mobile version of the site.

Changes affecting the Star lead

Users with the Star lead's email address

With this upgrade, we’ve introduced alerts to highlight users that share the Star lead’s email address and presented leads with options. These appear on the account page and on individual users’ profiles.

The aim is to help Star leads:

  • Link their Star lead user to any worker/manager accounts they have set up to enable them to enter Star readings or carry out other actions that lead users on the Star Online. On the new system, leads will only need one login for all activities and with this update, leads can identify any worker/manager users to be merged with the Star lead when we migrate your account. To do this now, ensure you are logged in then visit your account page and follow the instructions.
  • Remove any unnecessary duplicate user accounts – potentially reducing licence fees
  • Correct errors.

New account tab to enable us to share sensitive data with Star lead

Occasionally, we need to share some sensitive data with you in a secure way. With this upgrade, we've introduced a new option to enable us to share sensitive data with Star leads. If present, these will appear on a new tab on the Star lead's account page. We will always contact you to let you know that files are available.

Issues and bug fixes

  1. Service user profile validation:
    1. It’s no longer possible to clear the ‘joined date’ for a service user. If you’re unsure when a user joined the service, you can use the date they were added to the system which is presented just above the ‘joined date’ field.
    2. It’s no longer possible to remove a service users ‘left date’ if their current lead worker is inactive. Users are prompted to allocate a new lead worker before removing the left date.
  2. Duplicate email address use highlighted:
    1.  Adding workers/managers - managers and leads will be prompted to use a unique email address when adding a new user to help avoid errors being introduced. It is still possible to save a worker/manager with a duplicate email address if this is intentional but it’s best avoided.
    2. Editing workers/managers whose email address isn’t unique – the system will highlight the duplicate to help users fix errors, however, it will still be possible to save the worker/manager without changing the email address.
  3. View and manage Stars page filter option to exclude 'service user only Stars' error addressed
  4. Further optimisation of raw data exports to make them faster for organisations with lots of data


 Last updated by Jo Johnson 9th October 2019