Contacting your Star lead

As a worker or manager you will sometimes need to contact your Star lead.

Before you take that step, it may be useful to see if you can find what you're looking for in the knowledge-base. We cover many topics to guide you through using the Star Online.

If you still need to contact your Star lead it's possible to via a button in the top navigation bar (next to 'support').

Contact my star lead

Once you've pressed the button, you'll be presented with a contact form.

Contact my Star lead box

Once you have filled out the subject and message areas, press 'send'. You will see a 'message sent' confirmation appear. This means your message has been sent to your Star lead by email.

Notes for Star leads

For this to work well, leads, managers and workers must use real email addresses as their login for the Star Online.

If you are not using a real email address to log into the Star Online, the messages sent using this form won't reach you. It is vital to use a real email address for your Star Online account in order to manage your account effectively, receive important communications from Triangle and to benefit from a number of features of the system. How to check and update your Star lead email address.

Similarly, this feature will not work well if your staff don't use real email addresses to log into the Star Online as we include their email address in the text of the email sent to leads when colleagues use the 'contact my Star lead' form. If this is an invalid email address, your reply will bounce. We strongly recommend all users use a real email address to get the full benefits of the Star Online.

Emails sent using the 'contact my Star lead' form are sent from the Star Online system email address and the inbox for this email address is not monitored, so don't reply to the email directly. Instead, to reply to the colleague who has sent you the message, click on the email address link given in the email you receive (see the example below).

Example of the email sent the Star Lead from the Star Online