The Star Online has been designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, however, there are some inevitable questions that may arise from time to time and there are systems in place to provide the support needed.

Help with using the Star Online

"Need help?" tips

On some pages within the application, there are buttons on-screen offering you help with completing a process. This give you tips on what to without you needing to leave the process.


If you have a trial or full account with the Star Online, the first resource available to workers and managers who have a query about how to use the system is the knowledge-base. There are mini-articles on all kinds of subjects from what to do if you lose your password to help with completing an action plan. Visit the knowledge-base now.

Your colleagues

If you have tried the knowledge-base and can’t find an answer to your question, ask your colleagues and manager as they may be able to help. If not, and you have a Star Online licence, please email or call your organisation’s lead Star Online person in order that they can either respond directly or forward your query to the Star Online Helpdesk.

Strange behaviour and bugs

If you experience a strange behaviour or bug in the system, please urgently notify your organisation's Star Online lead and ask them to raise it with the Star Online helpdesk.


Help with using the Outcomes Star


Training on the Outcomes Star itself is available from licensed Outcomes Star trainers. Find out more about Outcomes Star training.

Guidance materials

Each version of the Outcomes Star comes with extensive guidance materials for workers and managers. These are available to you via your dashboard.






Last updated by Ruth Timmins 22 June 2016