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New steps to enter a Star reading on the Star Online

On 19th July 2017, a new single button – “Enter a Star reading” – will replace the two existing buttons - “Quick data entry - got a stack of paper Stars to input?” and “Complete a Star - during a session with a service user”.  

The new button will present you with a new screen (below) that presents these two options for Star entry explaining which tool is best for which situation. From here, managers and workers can click on the most appropriate option for the Star reading(s) they are entering.

Both tools will always be presented whenever you click on the new ‘Enter a Star reading’ button so you can choose the best tool for each Star reading.

We’ve tested this new screen with users and 100% of those who responded said it made the options clearer to them while 20% said they would use a different method in future.

“Quick Star data entry” is designed to be quick and gives users the option to say when the Star reading was completed, which worker completed it and if it’s retrospective – this tool is about entering the information captured on paper at an earlier point.

“Live Star completion” walks the worker and service user through the Star reading scale by scale, with the brief visual scales presented full size, and with detailed scales tucked away behind “information” buttons.

This tool is designed for use with a service user in a live session and it’s meant to take time. Star readings entered using this tool are automatically recorded with the date that they were entered on the system and with the person who entered it as the relevant worker. If this information isn’t accurate you are unlikely to be in the live session with a service user so please use “quick Star data entry” instead.

After selecting an option from this new screen everything else will be exactly the same.

The same change will also be made to the service user profile – just one ‘enter a Star reading’ button will appear and this will take the user to the same screen shown above. Similarly, where the two options currently appear on the main navigation bar (see below), we’ll be presenting just the one ‘enter a Star reading’ option.


New name for “live Star completion”

We’re now using the term ‘live Star completion’ to describe the visual Star entry tool. We believe this is clearer but recognise any change can be tricky to get used to.


We hope this advance notice of the changes is helpful but if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

Added by Ruth Timmins on 11th July 2017