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Help for manager and worker users of the Star Online system

The knowledge-base provides a guide to using the Star Online. Please browse the knowledge-base index to find the information you need.

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What if I can't find the answer to my query in the Star Online system knowledge-base?

If the answer to your query isn't covered within the knowledge-base ask your colleagues. If they  aren't able to help you, please contact your organisation's Star Online lead. They will respond personally, or if they do not have the answer or cannot help, they will forward your query to the Star Online Helpdesk.


Help for Star leads

Getting started as a Star Online system licence-holder

If you are the Star lead in an organisation that has a Star Online system licence, please use this set-up guide. This guide explains in easy steps how to set up the system so that it works well for your colleagues.

Set-up guide for leads of organisations with a Star Online system licence

You can also browse the knowledge-base for answers to your questions. 

Getting started – any another type of Star licence

From 22nd June 2016, all Star licence-holders will access their Star materials and manage their Star licence via this website. This is very simple, and only leads will log into the Star Online, but a helpful set-up guide and links to relevant knowledge-base pages will be added for these Star leads, too.


Don't have a licence?

Training and a Star licence is required in order to use the Star with service users. Licences are available for those who wish to use the Star Online system, alternative software systems and a basic licence without software.

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Last updated: 21/06/16
Updated by: Jo Johnson